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Why choose Bricks?


When designing a structure for occupants, human thermal comfort, is an imperative function to consider for engineers and architects alike.

Bricks, concrete and tiles are high density materials which means they have an ability to effectively absorb and store heat energy. Lightweight materials do not have this quality.

Correct use of thermal mass moderates internal temperatures, averaging out day and night temperature extremes, which makes a massive difference to your comfort, heating and cooling needs and energy bills.

Did you know heating and cooling makes up 39% of the average home’s energy use?

Bricks can help insulate your home and save you money on your energy bills. Nothing is more important than the material you build your home from, at which point we urge you to Think Brick.

For unmatched energy efficiency in winter and summer, consider bricks.

ABC Building Products specializes in products that sync well with passive building design to tap natural energy.


As one of the oldest building materials, bricks remain strong and look better with age, like fine wine. The Great Wall of China is a brick structure that has maintained its strength for more than 2000 years. Bricks have kept Australian homes safe, comfortable and protect against extreme climates of heat & cold, bushfires, floods, severe storms and draughts.

Bricks require little to no maintenance, saving you thousands on upkeep compared to its lightweight construction counterparts.