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The Benefits of Using Pavers in Your Outdoor Living Space

There are so many patio material choices when designing your outdoor space. When creating hardscapes, we have found that one material stands out. Pavers come in many colours, sizes, and styles to complement your home’s outside décor and add value. Here is why we highly recommend pavers homeowners.

7 Reasons to Use Pavers

Pavers are easy to install and are low maintenance. Although the initial cost may be slightly higher than other material installations, considerable savings are realized after installation. In addition, pavers overcome many of the shortcomings of the different materials; so let’s explore the benefits.

  1. Installation

Paver installation is quicker and simpler than other options. The individual pavers interlock and can be installed in all types of weather conditions. This type of installation is why paver patios have greater design flexibility and support a strong foundation. There are also no long waiting periods to use your outdoor area; they are functional immediately after installation.

  1. Resistant to Slipping

Pavers are one of the safer materials for outdoor spaces that must be slip resistant. The surfaces are porous and non-slip, making them safer than other materials. They are very commonly used in heavy rain areas. Pavers prevent slipping accidents and help seniors, children, and other guests.

  1. Durability and Longevity

They are more robust than concrete slabs and are designed to handle 3-4 times more. Pavers pack the natural materials in a tight form, allowing them to expand and contract, making them resistant to cracking, frost, erosion, and other wear and tear from the elements and the environment. You can seal them with a protective sealer to increase longevity and durability; however they do not have to be sealed as often as other patio materials.

  1. Appeal and Versatility

Pavers are available in various colours and shapes and can be laid in different patterns and designs, adding to your property’s value and curb appeal. Homeowners can choose traditional, modern, or rustic pavers that complement the home’s architectural elements. Beyond selecting colors and styles, homeowners can also pick design lays, including geometric shapes, chevron patterns, and various motifs.

  1. Sustainability

Permeable pavers are more eco-friendly and can assist in solving drainage issues within your yard. And in Maryland, this is a big deal. As many of our clients live near or around the Bay, runoff is vital to consider. Pavers allow stormwater to percolate rather than run off to storm drains. They also will enable the ground to breathe.

  1. Easy Maintenance

A paver patio requires little maintenance. Most repairs are straightforward and won’t have to reseal or restain continuously. In addition, cleaning is simple. With occasional sweeping or blowing off debris, it’s easy to keep tidy. And you just use soap and water to remove most stains.

  1. Simple Repairs

If necessary, paver repairs are easier to deal with. You can replace the damaged, stained, or cracked paver with a new one. A material like poured concrete is prone to cracks, and the repairs are costly. And, with some other patio options, you would have to replace the entire patio.

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