Scyon cladding- Linea, Axon, Matrix, Stria

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James Hardie’s Scyon Formulation is an innovative evolution in fibre cement.

Discover James Hardie Scyon Cladding: innovative exterior solution

  • Superior durability: crafted from high-quality fiber cement
  • Exceptional resistance to weather, moisture, rot, and pests
  • Architectural excellence made easy: modern designs and finishes available
  • Streamlined installation: lightweight construction and easy-to-handle panels
  • Reliable protection and stability for your building envelope
  • Versatile design options: horizontal or vertical installation
  • Trusted quality and expertise backed by James Hardie
  • Elevate your exterior design with James Hardie Scyon Cladding

James Hardie’s Scyon Formulation is an innovative evolution of fibre cement. A technology allowing fibre cement boards, sheets and trims to be beautiful and easy to build with.

The low density formulation means the Scyon product range can be 16mm thick for compelling cladding profiles and weatherboards with luxurious deep shadow lines. Conventional fibre cement is limited to around 9mm before it’s too difficult to nail.

The beauty is more than skin-deep. The Scyon formulation helps simplify and speed up construction.