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  • Explore ABC Building Products’ extensive range of PGH Bricks in Brisbane, Gold Coast & beyond.

PGH Bricks

Explore ABC Building Products’ extensive range of PGH Bricks in Brisbane and Gold Coast.


Are you contemplating building and seeking the optimal construction material? Discover why bricks reign supreme.

When you deliberate on the material for your dream house, the choice may feel overwhelming. However, opt for bricks, and rest assured you’re selecting a time-tested product (centuries, to be precise).

Bricks, crafted from clay, offer affordability, wide availability, and a track record of being thoroughly tested modular building components. Their substantial mass delivers desirable acoustic and thermal properties. Plus, they demand minimal maintenance, boast exceptional durability, and exhibit high load-bearing capacity. Every PGH Brick is meticulously manufactured to meet the stringent Australian Standard requirements of AS/NZS 4455:1997.

For your convenience, ABC Building Products stores in Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Ballina, and Coffs Harbour offer flexible delivery options.

Whether it’s your first home, an investment property, or your dream residence, our expert team stands ready to offer tailored advice.

With a fleet boasting 18 trucks and forklifts, delivery couldn’t be simpler. Choose PGH Bricks in Brisbane and Gold Coast for enduring style, hassle-free maintenance, superior sound insulation, fireproofing, and energy-saving efficiency. Join the ranks of the 8 in 10 new homes that prefer brick—a testament to its timeless allure and practicality.